Christ's Closet Christmas Extravaganza

Thank you for volunteering at Christ's Church of Yukon's Christmas Extravaganza! If you haven't signed up, don't worry, just come over and we will get you plugged in. Here are some instructions for the day:

Information for Volunteers

Saturday Schedule:

  • 7:30 am: Outdoor set up. Many hands are needed.
  • 8:30 am: Outdoor registration begins
  • 9:00 am: All volunteers gather in the South building for a brief devotion and prayer.
  • 10:00 am: Doors open.

What to Wear:

  • Please wear your red "FOR" shirt. If you do not have one, contact Kathy Rumbo at 501-499-2587 to arrange for a shirt.

Parking Instructions:

  • Park in the very front parking lots, or at the empty video store parking lot. The back parking lots and the parking lots in front of the south building will be reserved for guests.

Clean-Up at 2 pm:

  • We need as many volunteers as possible to help with clean-up at 2 pm. Even if you haven't volunteered during the event, your assistance with clean-up would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you once again for your dedication and willingness to serve. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to Shera Porter or call the Church office at 405-354.0245. Your contribution is vital to the success of the Christmas Extravaganza, and we appreciate your time and effort in making it a memorable experience for everyone involved.


Job Descriptions


Walk around buildings and parking lot making sure everyone safe.

Traffic/Parking Lot

Directing traffic to enter at the northwest entrance. Volunteers park in the far south parking lot on the south side of the gym.

Clothing Registration

Write down their number, last name, and time in. Call their number after 20 minutes and ask them to exit (mark them off when they exit). Each person gets 1 small sack per person present (their children may be at crafts so you can give them one for them too).

Outdoor (tent) Registration

Be here at 7:30 am, we will start registration at 8 am. Give each family a ziplock bag and number (very important they keep it with them at all times). You will give them an instruction sheet in either English or Spanish. They can keep everything in their ziplock. Give them a purple ticket for each person present for a meal and a pink ticket for each person present wanting hot chocolate. They may only get meals for those here. If they ask about others at home tell them they are more than welcome to stop back by at 1:30 pm and if we have leftovers then we will be more than happy to let them have more. If getting close to #100 on sign-in in talk to/text Shera (405)974-0174 before allowing any more to register……we may not have enough time left for them to shop.


Prepare sauce in cups and put together meals (pulled pork-use scoop), buns, sauce, beans and potatoes and 2 small cookies. Keep water bottles stocked. Hand out meals at table just outside back door of kitchen. Collect a purple ticket for each meal given. If they ask for more tell them they can come back at 1:30 to see if we have any extra.

Hot Chocolate

Keep water heated in 2 urns outside and smaller ones inside. Serve hot chocolate with or without marshmallows. Collect a pink ticket for each serving.

Kids Shopping for Parents

Give each child will have no more than 10 minutes to shop. You might help direct them to items, especially younger ones. There will be sacks for them to put their gifts in. Each child can pick one gift per parent (guardian/grandparent). No more than 2 gifts total per child. They can do crafts or face painting after. Kids-Shop first then crafts or face painting.


Help find one pair of undies for each child/teenager (adults if available). Collect a white ticket for each person getting undies.

Parents Shopping for Kids

Sign in with your number, last name, and number of kids shopping for. They have 15 minutes to shop(set a timer) and call the number when it goes off. No more than 10 people shopping at a time (if it looks spread out enough may be able to add a few more people). Limit of one bike, scooter or skateboard per household. First come first served. If they need to come back later for larger gifts get their name and phone number attach it to the gift and take it to the designated area (classroom in youth hallway). Items must be picked up no later than Monday. Send them across the hall for gift sacks or boxes. They are allowed to get one gift, 1 book, and 1 stuffed animal per child.

Wrapping/Gift Sacks

Help them find a box/bag for ONE gift and give red plastic bag for the rest. Sparingly hand out tissue. Inform them they can go put gifts in car if they would like then pick up kids in the gym.

Car Runner

 Help parents take gifts out to their cars from the middle room where Christmas sacks are located.

Runner to take kids to shopping area

Get kids at parent shopping entrance and take them to the kids shopping area.


Keep things tidy, collect hangers and help guests find what they need.

Megaphone/Number Board

 Call out number and display on number board once instructed by registration. You may need to call multiple times. After 3 times and no response move to the next number. Registration will tell you when to call.

South Building Registration

Verify the number they have is the number that was called. If they only want to shop in the closet only they will still have to have a number from registration and wait for it to be called. Sign in with last name and number in family here today. Give each family the number of white tickets they need for undies for kids and adults. Count the number of people coming through. Give each kid a wristband and write their family's number on it. Tell the guys out front to move the number to the next one and have runners take kids to shopping area while parents head to parent shopping area.