Serving at Christ's Church of Yukon

You are made to make a difference

 we make a difference together. Serving at Christ's Church of Yukon is not complicated - in fact, we are hoping that everyone will use the gifts that God has given them to make this church family stronger. When Jesus called people to follow, He told them, "I will teach you how to fish for people" (Matthew 4:19). We are made to make a difference. Whether you have been a part of a church for a long time, coming back, or just jumping in, there is a place to serve. God has given you unique gifts, and those talents can be used to grow the church and make us stronger (Ephesians 4:11-16). Along the way, you get to connect with others in a team, and find the joy from knowing you have made a difference! So join a team and get ready to serve!Our website will give you the info you need to jump in and serve at Christ's Church of Yukon. If you have questions, or need more help or information, just contact us - we want to get everyone serving together as one body.

Joining a Ministry Team:

Almost all of the serving we do is on teams, and joining a team is easy! It is as simple as A-B-C:

  • Application: we have a very Simple Application for everyone to fill out - just your name and where you want to serve. Turn this in to any leader at church, and we will set up a meeting time. (*All those working with minors, 18 and under, need to fill out a Kids and Youth Application and Background Check.)
  • Briefing: you get to meet with the Team Leader to get to know you, hear about your gifts and skills, and the vision of the ministry team. Good stuff!
  • Commitment: the last step is saying "I'm in!" The Team Leader will give you a set of basic commitments, so we are all on the same page. All of our ministry is done in one year commitments, and the serving year runs from June 1 to May 31. That way we can avoid burnout, and it gives each person a great chance to try new serving areas as God leads.

Serving at Christ's Church of Yukon is simple, fun, and can change your life as you make a difference for God. More information on our Ministry Teams is below!


  • Basic Application: Get started here. Fill this out, then email it in, or hand it to a leader on Sunday. We will then set up a time to meet. Easy!

  • Kids and Youth Application and BG Check: Fill these out if you want to serve with our amazing Kids or Youth ministries.

  • Ministry Overview: A more systematic approach to our serving. Talks about the ministry year, Team Leaders, and how to handle conflict and burnout.

  • Your SHAPE for Ministry: A form you can fill out that can help you figure out where is your best fit for ministry.

  • Check Request Form: Use this form to request a reimbursement for church expenses.

Where will YOU Serve?

Check out the serving areas below, pray about it, then fill out an application, email us at, or talk to a leader at service on Sunday to jump in
Join a Team and Get Ready to Serve Together!

Kid's Ministry

We love our kids, and we make Sunday morning the best hour of the week! We serve our kids from birth through 5th grade. Each week we teach Bible lessons and also have events throughout the year. 
This ministry is perfect for :

  • those who like to teach kids
  • people who love to help or do office work
  • those who enjoy planning fun outings
  • musicians
  • the young at heart who love kids

Youth and Youth Adult

We help youth/young adults navigate critical life decisions and develop strong faith habits. We have midweek meetings and incredible monthly events. The ministry is all about relationships. This is a great ministry for:

  • those who have a heart for this age
  • someone who loves to have fun
  • people who like to connect with others
  • teach in relevant ways
  • musicians, game leaders, crafty people


Adult ministry teams focus on growing authentic devotion and getting adults connected to each other. Small Groups are the primary ministry here. We have weekly men's, women's and all church events. We also have prayer and care teams. This is a great place for: 

  • someone who enjoys facilitating discussion
  • people who like planning events
  • those who have a heart for the hurting
  • people who understand the power of prayer

Service Teams

Our worship services take a lot of people serving together to create an amazing experience. Here are the different ways to be a part:

  • Greeters - welcoming people with a smile
  • Hospitality - bring some food each month
  • Ushers - help us create flow in the service
  • Worship - got a heart for Jesus and music?
  • Tech Team - sound and media people
  • Decor - for the artistic, visual, creative people
  • Media team - recording sermons, web design

Strategic Operations

There is a lot of work that goes into running a church. This area includes finances, facility and long term planning. This is for people who:

  • those who are good with details
  • people who are handy and get things done
  • someone who is good at planning ahead


This is about supporting and moving the church forward. This includes office work, visitor calling, and graphic design. This is perfect for:

  • people who enjoy office work
  • someone who is organized
  • a person who likes to be creative.