You are made to make a difference.

One of the best ways to get connected at Christ's Church of Yukon and remove unnecessary barriers that keep people from Jesus is through serving. Whether it's being part of a care community, welcoming guests, being an online chat host, or singing worship songs, we'd love for you to serve with us.


We often have unique times throughout the year that we come together as a church to serve the needs of children, the community, or to serve at special events like Christmas. Examples are Christ's Closet, Back to School Bash, Christmas Extravaganza etc. 


Help guests feel welcome, safe, and at home at Christ's Church of Yukon. From greeting to parking, if you possess the gift of hospitality, Guest Experience is the team for you!


Communion Team: The Communion Team sets up and refills the elements of communion, and they hand them out to guests at the end of in-person gatherings.

Decorating Team: The decorating team, lead by Janita Ruedy, changes out seasonal decorations at CCY to enhance the worship experience.

Greeter Team: Greeters are present in areas outside the sanctuary doors, in the lobby, and at the entrances of the building. They initiate interactions with guests and show them where to go. This team welcomes our guests with smiling faces and genuine enthusiasm.

Parking Team: The Parking Team strategically facilitates traffic and guides guests to parking spaces. The Parking Team should be both helpful and joyful, as they are the first faces people see when they visit Christ's Church of Yukon.

Chat Host Team (CCY Online only): The Chat Host Team engages the online community during our Sunday experience. Chat Hosts welcome guests, foster engagement, answer questions, respond to the message, and pray with guests both privately and in the public chat forum.

Facebook Community Team (CCY Online only): The Facebook Community Team builds community and creates a welcoming environment for the CCY Online Facebook Group. This team welcomes new guests, answers questions, fosters engagement within the group, prays for group members, and leads digital gatherings.


As a church, we want to help kids experience Jesus on their level in the language and ways they understand. With your help, kids can grow in faith and get to know, trust, and follow Christ into adulthood.


Elementary | 1st-5th Grade (Power Zone): Through a group experience, interactive small groups, prayer, and free play, volunteers creatively help kids in ages 1st through 5th grade experience Jesus on their level. Volunteer leaders intentionally play with kids, model worship, and facilitate activities and discussions. 

Nursery: Nursery volunteers lovingly care for each baby by meeting their individual needs and offering an interactive and fun classroom. Volunteers also take time to intentionally pray over each baby in their care.

Kindergarten (Bible Barn): Through a large group experience called Bible Barn, interactive small groups, prayer, and free play, volunteers creatively help preschoolers and kindergarteners experience Jesus on their level. Preschool small group leaders intentionally play with kids, model worship, facilitate small group activities, and pray over each child. 

Toddlers (Veggie Tale): Through free play, worship, interactive Bible stories, and activities, toddlers begin learning about Jesus and are introduced to God's Word. Classroom volunteers intentionally play with kids, model worship, facilitate activities, and pray over each child. Weekday volunteers help to prepare CCY Kids environments for ministry effectiveness. This can include preparing small group materials, setting up and tearing down classrooms, and helping with administrative tasks.

Weekday Volunteers: Weekday volunteers help to prepare CCY Kids environments for ministry effectiveness. This can include preparing small group materials, setting up and tearing down classrooms, and helping with administrative tasks.


The production team serves the creative department and congregation by creating outstanding environments that remove unnecessary barriers so people can meet Jesus. We do this by using the tools of audio, video, and lighting to elevate the Word and worship without creating distractions. 


Audio Operator: Serve and support the worship team and speakers by creating an outstanding environment while producing audio for an engaging worship experience.

Director of Arts: Responsible for creative use of the arts in support of weekly worship services and other church ministry activities. This includes planning, design and production of weekly adult worship services.

Lighting Designer: Create engaging lighting designs that enhance the weekend experience.

Lighting Operator: Execute lighting programming that enhances the weekend experience.

Media and CG Operator: Serve the broadcast, worship, and speaking team by providing lyric, video and graphics support on a weekend. Your ability to advance lyrics in time and ahead of where we are singing, eliminates barriers in worship.

Service Director: Lead the production team through the technical execution of weekend services.

Video Switcher: As the video switcher, you assist the video director in telling the story of our worship service and teaching by helping the camera ops to set up shots, while technically enabling the execution of those shots and the corresponding media.

Visual Media Producer: Responsible for the creative design, planning and production of all weekend service and special event visual medial. 


The communication team's role is to reach and engage people with the Gospel. Many roles collaborate together to reach more people through digital channels using weekend content.


Social Media: Help us meet people where they are! Assist in telling stories by capturing and sending content to communications staff to post on social media during events and weekend services. Connect with film team and/or photographers as they capture elements to help define that weekend's or event's social media needs and align our efforts in sharing the experience via photo and film.

Digital Support: Help us connect with people online! Assist the digital team with delivering weekly sermon content to users across a variety of digital tools and mediums. Assist with uploading video and audio files, uploading and scheduling Daily Bible Reading content, update and create assets on our mobile app, design and upload weekly Message Study and message transcripts-these are just a few of the tasks that digital support volunteers might be asked to complete.

Content Writer/Editor: Help us with the message! Assist with capturing and/or editing pieces of content such as inspiration from weekend message to repurpose through social media, writing scripts for film elements, and messaging surrounding events and ministry needs.

Photographer: Assist in storytelling by capturing compelling photos at events and/or weekend experiences. Photos will be used in promotional items, social media, and on our website.


Our desire is to serve the Lord by leading the church into worship through the overflow of what has been done for us. We prioritize the presence of Jesus over personal preference in order to break down any unnecessary barriers that could keep someone from Jesus. We strive for excellence in all we do, because everything is from Jesus and for Jesus.


Musicians: Serve by leading our church in worship during weekend services. Positions include drummers, guitarists, keyboardists, vocalists, bassists, violinists, etc.

Special Elements: Serve on as needed basis for special events throughout the year. Opportunities to serve include special event hospitality, dancers, artists, spoken word, etc.