Women's Wednesday Evening Bible Study



Do you believe you can actually change?

Life change happens at the moment you begin a relationship with Jesus. You have been rescued. But what happens when daily temptations and distractions from following Jesus leave you feeling overwhelmed and stuck in the same discouraging patterns? This six-week study with Jennie Allen, Matt Chandler, and Oneka McClellan will help you understand the work of the Holy Spirit in your life and the process of sanctification. There is no checklist to follow, but there is a daily act of surrender to a God who will continue to mold and shape you. The more you know God, the more you can live like him.
Change is possible because the gospel changes everything. Let's discover what it looks like to work out our salvation.

Starting on Wednesday April 14th at 6:30pm in the Celebrity Room as well as via Zoom. Led by Jennifer Parrett