Thailand and Burma Mission

Jerry & Boonporn Thaprom 

..The Christians in Makumgang are very thankful and happy that they have the beautiful church building. They asked me to thank you over and over again for giving them this precious building. There are 4 villages around near by and on Sunday all those churches worship together at this new building. Only Wednesday and Sunday night they hold worship services at their own villages because of difficulties traveling at night. This church building is the strategic facility since this is near China border. The Christians in China side are also very happy and grateful. From now on 3 months Bible seminar, youth Bible seminar and elder deacons Bible seminar will be conducted at this building. The Christians in China side will join or participate in all activities here. I am convinced that this building is the most profitable investment of yours for the cause of Christ and His Kingdom. I join them in thanking you for this precious facility that you provide for them. May God bless your richly.
With my deepest gratitude,