Thailand and Burma Mission

Jerry & Boonporn Thaprom 

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ and supporters,Greetings from Myanmar and Thailand!

The ministry update was long due because I went to Seattle, Washington to attend the Rvwang refugee Christian conference to speak to them, and also to speak to them at different states among the Rvwang communities.The Rvwang Christian conference went well. Over three hundred Rvwang Christians met and had good fellowship,worshiped together and had Bible studies and preaching and teaching for three full days. I was the major speaker.
This was the first time that my whole family was able to participate at the American Rvwang conference.

Myanmar Ministry News
The Myanmar evangelistic ministry continues progressing. The evangelists work hard around the clock reaching out the Buddhist Burmese, visiting the prospects and conducting teachings at different homes although it has been raining so hard and flooding everywhere. While the work of the Lord is in full swing Mr. Maungmyit who was the pioneer of Yangon evangelistic ministry suddenly passed away of lung cancer. He was high a ranging Buddhist monk and converted to Christ through the teaching of our evangelists. Since then he was the major person in reaching out the Buddhist Burmese because he was able to relate about Christ to the Buddhists in amazing way because of his knowledge about the Buddhism. So it was a great lost for our ministry of Yangon, Myanmar. He has two daughters and one of them whose name is Mange or Cynthia is in our evangelistic team till today. She is faithfully dedicated to reach out
the Burmese people. We will appreciate your prayers for these two daughters of Mr. Maungmyit for the Lord's consolation. 

Plan to conduct Bible seminar in the extreme north of Myanmar
I am asked by the Christian churches in Nongmung region to speak to them at Christmas convention and to teach one full week at the Bible seminar. Nongmung region is located at far flung part of north Myanmar. So I plan to leave Chiang Maiin the middle of December. Joseph Abur who is one of our evangelistic team in Yangon will go with me to help teach.I have to prepare a booklet of the lessons and plan to print it in Yangon. I will need about $5,000 for the trip including printing one thousand copies of the lessons. Please pray with me for this need that the Lord will provide this fund in time and for the trip.
We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your faithful prayers and financial support. We pray that the Lord bless you richly and give you good health.

With Togetherness in serving our Lord,
Jerry and Boonporn

..The Christians in Makumgang are very thankful and happy that they have the beautiful church building. They asked me to thank you over and over again for giving them this precious building. There are 4 villages around near by and on Sunday all those churches worship together at this new building. Only Wednesday and Sunday night they hold worship services at their own villages because of difficulties traveling at night. This church building is the strategic facility since this is near China border. The Christians in China side are also very happy and grateful. From now on 3 months Bible seminar, youth Bible seminar and elder deacons Bible seminar will be conducted at this building. The Christians in China side will join or participate in all activities here. I am convinced that this building is the most profitable investment of yours for the cause of Christ and His Kingdom. I join them in thanking you for this precious facility that you provide for them. May God bless your richly.
With my deepest gratitude,