Thailand and Burma Mission

Jerry & Boonporn Thaprom 

Dear brother John, Kathy and all Christian friends at Yukon,

I finally received the pictures of food distributions from Yangon, Burma and Chiang Mai and Bangkok, Thailand.The food was distributed in Dongpago Christian Church, the church that you have built for us, and Chiang Mai Christian Church and Bangkok Christian Church in Bangkok, Thailand. They are overwhelmed with joy and thanks for saving their lives at the very needed time. Bangkok Christian Church wrote to me saying since each family's need is different they decided to distribution cash to each family. The families which received the cash are listed. They asked me over and over to thank you. All members of three churches in Thailand have expressed their deep gratitude from the bottom of their hearts.

It is a good timing for Yangon, Burma Christians to receive food from you. The day after the money we sent arrived all banks and offices were closed because of the military coup. If we were late one day they won't be able to get the money we sent. Thanks God! We have received all reports from Yangon, Burma except Lake Chaung church of Cynthia, the Burmese evangelist. She sent a short voice message saying all the phone and internet lines had been cut off so she can not send report at this time. She will send it to me as soon as the internet is back.

It is so urgent that we pray for Burma and Thailand. I am going to put urgent prayer request for Burma and Thailand today.

Brother John and Kathy and all who gave the money for the food for Burma and Thailand, I am over whelmed with gratitude for your kind, mercy and love for your brothers and sister in these two countries. You have saved their lives and this will be remembered all their lives. Besides they are encouraged and strengthened their faith by your act of Christian love and God is glorified. There is no human word which can adequately expressed their deep gratitude. May God bless you all very richly and protect you all from the covid 19 virus and this is our prayer for you. 

Please find the attached pictures from those two countries of food distribution. You can see they pray to God for the food before they distribute and they pray for you for God's blessing and watch care.

With our deepest gratitude
Jerry and Boonporn