Budgeting for your trip

There will be several items to factor into your trip.


We have secured a group booking on American Airlines departing on Friday, June 9th, returning Friday June 16th. To hold the reservations, we need a $100 deposit per person before September 20th, 2022. Please confirm with us if you are going. The total cost is $731 and the remainder will need to be paid by March 2023.

Room & Board & Travel Costs in Guatemala.

A good estimated cost is $300 per person for one week which covers food, board, and transportation to and from the airport. Other excursions and events will be extra transportation costs (see below)

  • Food for 1 full day: 3 meals + snacks at school 
  • Transportation to and from school (5 days) 
  • Housing  
  • Transportation to and from the airport is
  • Transportation to Antigua is
  • Meal Stipend in Antigua
  • Optional Trip to The Ruins: Mixco Viejo Entrance & Transportation
  •  Buses for activities with students (# of days) (optional)