Dress code

We ask that you adhere to normal "camp" guidelines. This shorts of reasonable length and shirts for the ladies and fully-clothed men at all time. Remember, we are ministering to a conservative community and we do have middle schoolers at the school and it is very difficult to see Jesus when they are seeing so much of "you."


Please remember that Morning Glory has about 650 students. We welcome and appreciate small gifts, but we do not want to leave anyone out. Silly bands, whistles, trinkets, and small toys are great gifts that can be given to all. If you are meeting your sponsored child, you are welcome to leave a personalized gift for that child. Please let us know and we can arrange for you to spend time with your child. But if you are bringing gifts for the students who are not your sponsored child, we ask you to try to bring enough for all the students

You are welcome to also bring gifts for the faculty and staff of Morning Glory. Again, please bring enough for all the staff members. Any gift to any individual teacher or staff member MUST be approved by Lori Nij prior to the presentation of the gift.

As a policy, we do NOT permit anyone to give out money to anyone in Guatemala without the approval of Lori Nij (INCLUDING TIPS). If you meet someone you would like to bless with a gift, we can take you to the market to buy something to give to them. Also, please do not make promises or even vague suggestions that could be interpreted as a promise for any money. This is for your protection and the well-being of the school, church, and mission.


We ask that your group prepare and lead devotions or a debriefing time each day or night. They can be as deep or as light as your group desires. We think that is important to reflect on the experiences you will have and how that affects your team and also the effect your team will have on Morning Glory.

A Learner's Heart

Every cross-cultural experience affects both the visitors and the home country. We want every member of your team to be impacted just as much as they impact. Therefore, we simply ask that you come ready to listen, watch, and learn from every experience you encounter in Guatemala. We promise that if you do, your time at Morning Glory will be an experience you never forget.